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I realllllly need to go to sleep but am waiting for my aunt to phone. Apparently my cousins tried on their bridesmaids dresses yesterday and I think they fitted and all. Yay.
So bloody tired. Yesterday was good. Have photos but Photoshop has gone weird so can't put them online yet. I did well and didn't pass out til 2.30am. That was only because I'd had a drink too many and felt ill, rather than that I was tired or anything (just like Stu's hangover today is because he had a dodgy piece of cheesecake and nothing AT ALL to do with the alcohol :P)
Was lovely to see people again. The food went down well. I remember there being quite a lot left (mostly mini jammie dodgers) which probably had to be thrown out but we only spent £45 on heaps and heaps of stuff so I don't mind - it could have been a lot worse. John had a huge lion cake that was yummy.
I guess the next party will be our housewarming? :) Its going to be weird moving. While I don't like living here all that much I will miss the people. A lot, actually. Meh.
I have that niggling feeling trhat I may have done something embarrassing or offensive because I am far too honest when I'm drunk. I just hope nobody was sober enough to remember ;) I always get like this the morning after the night before. God it's not morning any more though is it, how scary. Weekends always fly by and weeks go soooo slowly, and I'm always more dead on Mondays than the Friday before!
Stu just made us both a huge fry-up, he is lovely. Diet starts again tomorrow, have had 3 days off but have enjoyed them very much indeed.
I don't like it when a good party comes to and end and real life resumes :( can't wait to sell mousses all day tomorrow, honest. i have never liked mondays ;)
I am leaving this post friends-only because otherwise Frances won't be able to see it. I need to find out what to do to fix that actually.
Kelly and Becky, if you can see this post, it means that you haven't been logged in to read my journal, as I have recently gone friends only and that is when you started saying you couldn't see my posts.
To everyone else : yeah, friends only ;) If you've added me to your friends list and I haven't added you back there's not much point you keeping me. You won't get to see anything of any importance. Sorry!

Jan. 12th, 2003

(OK, this anon thing is all turned off now, so don't bother because it won't get posted :>)

Ok. I have turned on anon comments again, but not for long, so you have about a day to reply to this if you so wish :p
Basically I am jumping on the bandwagon and saying "leave me an anonymous comment telling me honestly what you think of me." I will never know it's you. I don't know why the hell I am doing this, please don't be too mean :P
We are making Niall style curry and naan bread :)
I have chicken.
I have also lost all the Christmas podge now, I don't know how much I gained, but the good news is that my weight is the same as pre-binge, hooray!
The house Claire's friend wants to rent us sounds perfect, and is in a great location and they're fine about the cats and I am 99% sure we're going to love it, so yay! And it actually has 3 bedrooms. It's going to be so nice not to have a shit landlord or a greedy agency running the whole deal. They want to come back to it in a few years time, so it's obviously a nice enough home :)
The honeymoon site is still down, but if we can't book then nobody else can either.
We are going to Beth's second birthday party and we get to buy her dressing-up-box goodies and I can't wait :D She has to have at least one pair of fairy wings too, doesn't she?
I hate to say it, but 2003 is going extremely well so far, and I am very very happy.
Plus I get to watch LOTR (the extended version) tonight, along with a bottle of wine, some Milkybar eggs and chips 'n' dip (because it's a diet free day). YAY about 4 hours of elf goodness.
was going to have a nice relaxing day off but got called in to work. while it is good that the agency is finding me stuff, and its nice to know i will be getting paid next friday, when faced with the choice of hanging out at home in comfy clothes watching dvds or stuffing envelopes for 4 and a half hours for a law firm, i know which i'd choose! oh well. bought rainbow coloured knee high socks to cheer myself up afterwards.
we're now making a mini roast dinner, and then stu is going for a drink with some mates. was going to go, but am so tired and legs are still suffering from retail hell yesterday (who needs the gym?!). instead im going to eat junk food and watch the new episode of friends (yay!)

Jan. 8th, 2003

Woke up, found it was snowing. Took Phoebe to vet's - her cat box got snowed on (and in) and she was unimpressed. Got on bus, after waiting 20 minutes while none turned up, which made me 8 minutes late for me 9.10am appointment. So they made me wait til 9.50, until all of the other animals had been seen to, for being late. How unfair?
She was fine anyway, and the vet said she was sweet. Was talking to a woman in the waiting room who was very nice and also has an unsociable female cat and a younger boy cat named Dylan. She even sounded Welsh. Perhaps she is me in 30 years time?!
I have to go to work in a bit! I'm worried about how I will get there, or more importantly how I will get home - it's no huge loss if there is no way to get into Croydon but it would be horrible not to be able to get home :( I'm sure it will be OK. Am not walking through thick icy snow in work shoes, though. Am wearing trainers and changing when I get there. Will be bad enough having to wear trousers that have been snowed on!
Think I am getting a cold.
Am boring, so here is my survey.

survey of opinionsCollapse )
Another reason to get out of London :/
Tomorrow I am working for a well known department store from 1-9pm, I have never done retail before and I guess this is because I told the new agency I could do evenings. It's only £5.50 an hour but it's money, and work, and experience. I'm kind of looking forward to it. Although I will have to remember to video the new series of Sex and the City. Hmm. Also, why am I working til 9pm? Are the shops open til 9pm at the moment? Or do shopworkers have to stay around for hours after the shop is closed? Meep.
Ooh, and I have found a honeymoon! It's in Crete. It's £360 for 7 days in a self catering apartment by the beach and it says it's perfect for people wanting a quiet holiday near to busy attractions. It's the cheapest they do so it's pretty basic, but that's all we need/can afford. Going to book it very soon if Stu agrees - Stu's parents have yet to give us £700 towards the wedding so we can use that to cover it, as no other big payments are needed for a few months now, so we should be able to save up for those ourselves.
Thinking of getting a posh hotel in Bristol for valentines day and then spending Feb 15th house hunting :)
Ha, looks like I got out at the right time, doesn't it?!
So happy and smug at the moment. Wonder if that will be killed by department store fun tomorrow? :)
I am happy :)
Went to a few agencies and they weren't taking on any temps, but then went to Brook Street and they were wonderful! Got a job within about 15 mins of walking in the door. Did the whole skills test thing - my audio typing speed is now 93 wpm (she said very loudly that she'd never registered anyone as fast as that before, which made me blush furiously :P) I am working for 6 days from Friday on a (slightly but significantly) higher pay rate than I got from Blue Arrow. Plus the work sounds skilled! Hooray, how novel!! It was a really nice, friendly branch.
I'm looking forward to starting and earning some money again :) She said I can expect lots of work because of my audio speed. I am so chuffed that I even have half baked ideas about transferring to a Bristol branch of Brook Street (if there is one) and getting permenant audio typing work through them or something :p We shall see.
I didn't find a Care Bear at all, so bought some moonflower shower gel and raspberry kiddie's conditioner from the Body Shop sale. Tried on some grey trousers I liked in Miss Selfridge but all they had was size 16 (way too big) and size 14 (slightly big - hurrah! - and also 'longer length' which I am definitely not). So didn't get any, but am quite chuffed that I must be losing weight if I am too small for a Miss Selfridge size 14 ;)
Saw some knee high rainbow stripy socks and many other funky sparkly and Miffy socks in Top Shop which I MUST buy. When I have money.
Which will be sooooon :D Hooray!
OK I just deleted some people from my friends list. If it was you then I'm sorry, I just couldn't keep up and we didn't really communicate that much. I'd appreciate it if you removed me back. Also, if any of you have been wanting to delete me for ages and haven't got around to it or whatever, then go for it and I'll remove you too and we can forget about it. (Although if you are what I consider to be a good friend on here, then I may ask why you chucked me :P)
Have to go to bed or will never be up for agency-prostitution tomorrow. Night night x

Jan. 5th, 2003

Just came back from seeing Lord of the Rings. I didn't really like the first one, as I haven't read the books and I just got very restless and thought it dragged and didn't come to a proper ending. However I was looking forward to this one and a chance to drool over Orlando Bloom for three hours and I thought it was brilliant. Will watch the first one soon, and read the books before the third movie. Will also host a LOTR dvd-a-thon in late 2004 which will go on for about 10 hours.
Why does that Schmegel (?) thing look so much like Dobby from Harry Potter, though? :/ She can't have copied it, because although LOTR was probably made before COS, she wouldn't have had a chance to see it.. weird.
My sleep pattern is screwed. I went to bed at 2.30am last night but just lay there for hours, and then didn't get up til 12.30 - not yay. Must get up tomorrow and go to agencies and wow them with my CV and demand that they let me register!! Apparently my cousin once went to an agency and refused to leave until they found her some work. I wish I was more like her. They will probably go "No sorry we don't need anyone" and I will say "oh ok" and go home. But no, I HAVE TO become more assertive. I rule at mundane work and they at least owe me a chance, right?
*potters off to join the Orlando Bloom community, for he is second on the laminated list of five.. :P*


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