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dum dum de dum

So we now have three best men for our wedding. Apparently this is not weird. I think it is kind of weird, in the sense that it'd be weird to have more than one bride or more than one groom. But it's what he wants so it's what he gets and I'm happy if he's happy (after some convincing-of-self that this will not make the wedding seem a bit silly :P). Of course I'd like them all to be involved as well, but I just thought there was only one best man role.. but then if I'm wearing purple I'm sure he can be untraditional as well. I think the thing that bothered me most - although I don't like to admit it - was the fact that he didn't discuss the third best man thing before asking him to do it.. but shh
I hate wedding planning sometimes (well, 99% of the time)
On a plus side, if Beth is still my flowergirl (it's about 75/25 that she will be) I may just buy her one of these lilac dresses from Next. Quite cheap, and sweet, and would match the purple theme (although I prefer the white dress but it doesn't fit in with the theme so never mind). I hope it doesn't look that sack-like in reality (notagain, I don't suppose there's any chance you have seen these dresses at work?) My parents are actually paying for the bridesmaid dresses, and now I know I have got at least something sorted, I feel a bit better.
Actually, these dresses go up to age 14 and one of the bridesmaids Jess will be 11 - perhaps it'd be better to give her one of these dresses too, and then her 18 year old sister and the maid of honour can wear adult dresses in silver? Does that work? I wasn't sure how to find an adult dress to fit an eleven year old girl, really.
Argh, I feel so out of my depth here! I need a wedding planner like Becky in the Shopaholic book where she has 2 weddings organised..
This is the first resolution I have broken already and it's only 2 and a bit days into January. Whoops.
I know it's boring. It bores me to have to think about it in so many loops. Why can't I be a man and just go "I'll have that please" and forget about it? :P


Jan. 3rd, 2003 07:09 am (UTC)
lol, we had a tiny bit of snow before Xmas, but none since then :( It's actually been quite mild over Xmas, but rainy too as usual! I'm expecting snow in about April, thats when it usually arives :)


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