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I just wanted to let any visitors to my journal know that my posts are 100% friends only, so if you want to read anything you will need to be added as a friend first. Also, I don't often notice when new people have added me, so if you do want me to friend you back then please leave a comment here. Thanks :)
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"Daddy is the grumpy in Grumpyland!"

"Mummy, you're the loveliest in Lovelyland, and you always make me cheer up." <3

"Daddy eats *tadpoles*!" (she actually meant that he eats tablets - his vegan vitamin supplements :P)

Me : "Mummy doesn't iron."
Lucy : "No. Daddy irons though. He's vegan."
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Lucy Rhiannon Scott was born on Monday July 12th at 4.28am. Birth was fairly eventful but there is honestly nothing I would change about the way things were handled. Will write the story and upload photos soon, but I haven't slept since Friday night and am way too exhausted to do anything right now other than care for my daughter (imagine that, I have a daughter!!)
Lucy weighed 8lb exactly and looks exactly like I did as a newborn. Her daddy loves her to pieces and I have never been so happy in all my life. We got home this evening after a 36 hour stay in hospital after the birth. Now if I could just stop looking at her for long enough to sleep.. :)
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Have had a bit of a friends list cut - apologies. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but I'm going to have a lot less time soon, and to be honest I don't really keep up with everyone even now. I also like to know who's reading and sometimes people don't give any clues. I don't really see the point of keeping someone on my friends list when there is no real connection, when we never talk and probably skim each other's entries.
If any of you have been dying to delete me for ages, but are afraid of hurting my feelings or something, then please just do it. I've wanted to delete people but have been afraid of hurting their feelings, but I'd rather nobody felt they had to pretend.
Also, I'm not going to use baby_roo for much longer, so if people don't want to read posts about babies, you'll be better off deleting me.
Take care and stuff x
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The differences between us..

I think I'm realising why the house is so messy and why I feel so lazy and frustrated all the time.

Housework done by me yesterday
Dishwasher loaded and emptied twice
Washing hung on line and brought in when dry
Spare room cleared
Dinner prepared
Cake baked
Cats fed twice

Housework done by the boy yesterday
Dinner served (I was watching Eastenders :p)
Cats fed once
Spare room cleared (he did more than me because much of it was heavy boxes and furniture moving)

To be honest I have no idea how much he'd do if he wasn't nagged, I don't take that risk ;) Seems very unfair as we're both on holiday and both work full time and while the dishwasher and laundry seem to have turned into my jobs somewhere along the way, his jobs like cleaning the kitchen only get done once every few months (I feel sick when I go in there.. little lumps of dried on cat food everywhere.. mud and grass all over the floor..) I hate cleaning the kitchen so I'm not going to just do it, I'm going to make him do it :p He only seems to clean when people come over, and never cleans just for me :(
Anyway, I think I'm due a nice lazy day today while himself does all the sanding and painting! Muahaha.
We're both going to my midwife appointment at 11, slightly nervous about this because I've only taken Stu to 2 appointments with me before but I cried both times. It seems like a bad omen. I can't think of anything I've got to cry about today though, I've got nothing to bring up with her at all. But he wants to come and I'd like him to come too, to hear the heartbeat and maybe hear what position the baby's lying in and everything (I can't work it out, I know sometimes a hard lump sticks out of my left side, but I also feel movement on my left side and in the middle, down low where it hurt :p Perhaps that's the two arms? Hmm)
Anyway off for breakfast, boiled-to-death egg and toast :)
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The time has come for a friends list cut. I hope nobody is offended - I just couldn't keep up with that amount of people. I'm also feeling the need to keep my own posts more private in future, and I'd rather not have people on my list if I don't know that they're reading, or if I can't give them the same sort of attention, or whatever. Take care.
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