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The differences between us..

I think I'm realising why the house is so messy and why I feel so lazy and frustrated all the time.

Housework done by me yesterday
Dishwasher loaded and emptied twice
Washing hung on line and brought in when dry
Spare room cleared
Dinner prepared
Cake baked
Cats fed twice

Housework done by the boy yesterday
Dinner served (I was watching Eastenders :p)
Cats fed once
Spare room cleared (he did more than me because much of it was heavy boxes and furniture moving)

To be honest I have no idea how much he'd do if he wasn't nagged, I don't take that risk ;) Seems very unfair as we're both on holiday and both work full time and while the dishwasher and laundry seem to have turned into my jobs somewhere along the way, his jobs like cleaning the kitchen only get done once every few months (I feel sick when I go in there.. little lumps of dried on cat food everywhere.. mud and grass all over the floor..) I hate cleaning the kitchen so I'm not going to just do it, I'm going to make him do it :p He only seems to clean when people come over, and never cleans just for me :(
Anyway, I think I'm due a nice lazy day today while himself does all the sanding and painting! Muahaha.
We're both going to my midwife appointment at 11, slightly nervous about this because I've only taken Stu to 2 appointments with me before but I cried both times. It seems like a bad omen. I can't think of anything I've got to cry about today though, I've got nothing to bring up with her at all. But he wants to come and I'd like him to come too, to hear the heartbeat and maybe hear what position the baby's lying in and everything (I can't work it out, I know sometimes a hard lump sticks out of my left side, but I also feel movement on my left side and in the middle, down low where it hurt :p Perhaps that's the two arms? Hmm)
Anyway off for breakfast, boiled-to-death egg and toast :)


Apr. 28th, 2004 01:14 am (UTC)
I can be smug now as Andy is a very good housewife, though he doesn't do as much tidying as I'd like, but he does cook, wash up, wash clothes, hoover & clean the bathroom.

My ex husband was supposed to do half the housework as we both worked & in the end I paid for a cleaner as I was fed up with spending the whole of the weekend cleaning.

She left the island after a couple of years & we went back into chaos. He used to go & use the wedding present cut crystal glasses rather than wash the every day glasses. When it was his turn to wash up, he would let it pile up until every single plate, cup, knife, fork etc was in a big pile next to the sink. He would buy new clothes rather than wash anything. He left coffee cups on his bedside cabinet until they were rancid.

In the last year of us living together, I just got fed up with it & towards the end, I stopped doing housework too. My parents popped around one Sunday & were in shock at the state of the lounge. My dad took me out for a walk with the dog & my mum cleaned it. I was in bed with real flu (twice, poor me) & my mum came round each afternoon & cleaned & cooked me a meal as my ex was too busy. After I had left him, he wanted me back & told me that I needed to buck up my ideas about housework & go back to doing it all again!

Sorry, right, moan over.

I think the best way is to talk about it, write down all the jobs that need doing & split them. I hate putting clothes away, so Andy does most of that. I don't actually mind washing up (if it's only a sensible amount) so I do most of that. etc.

Give & take I guess.

He will have to do more as you won't be able to do as much physcially soon & after the birth. I couldn't hoover for a about a month afterwards as it was too heavy on my scar.
Apr. 28th, 2004 01:34 am (UTC)
Awww bless him :) Stu cooks sometimes, loads the dishwasher sometimes.. and he does hoover and clean the kitchen. But nowhere near as often as I'd like :/
Your ex sounds like a nightmare! Stu isn't that bad.. he used to be when he lived with a man though, there was never anything to eat off and they didn't even scrape the leftover food off their plates before leaving it for 3 weeks to rot :( There were some vile things in that house, I can't believe nobody got ill from living there!
we also don't put clothes away, they mound up for about a month and then get taken upstairs and thrown in a pile of cat hair on the floor. I can't actually get to my section of the wardrobe or my drawers at the moment due to all the junk from the spare room blocking the way.. so am living our of baskets :/
I'm just as lazy and selective about what I do I guess, but at least I do things every day and without nagging.
The other day I made my rolls and took them in to work. At lunchtime I was eating them and noticed a lump of brown jelly on my finger. At first I thought "what the hell is this in the tuna" and then it dawned on me that it was jelly from cat food.. as usual Stu had fed them in the morning and left lumps of jelly lying everywhere, and I'd dared to just put my wrapped rolls down on a surface for 5 minutes before putting them in my bag! I told him and he thought it was hilarious.. I thought it was horrible :(


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